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July 08, 2019

Breathe the difference with Automated Technology Humidifier

Are you worried about the indoor air quality of your home? Get rid of interior pollutants while improving the air quality of your abode with a humidifier that speaks of smart evaporation technology and automatic control. These are humidifiers that fight excessive dry air with complete precision. They distribute humidified air throughout the house and even spread around 99% fewer bacteria in comparison to the non-tech humidifiers available in the market.

The Technology Within

There can be nothing more straightforward than the nanotechnology in the high-tech humidifiers available pin the recent times. These humidifiers use a natural evaporation procedure for humidifying the air in your home. The water molecules are, and thus, they spread tiny bacteria. The natural evaporation procedure makes way for optimized performance and even helps in preventing white dust and wet spots. There is a complete absence of hot water, which means prevention of burns from warm steam and hot water. It is also worth noting that these hi-tech humidifiers offer smart humidity control ranging between 40% and 60%.

The Work Procedure of Ultra Sonic Humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers come furnished with modern high-frequency technology that carries out the task of sending off vibrations to water. Since water is not able to move in perfect tune with the vibrations, it breaks down in small drops that later transform into vapor. Hence, the humidifier releases mist into the house, providing sanitized and clean air to the environment. Once this mist gets dispersed, it creates a moist and cool atmosphere. Nowadays, there are even USB tech-based humidifiers available in the market that can be highly portable and useful. Some of the significant health advantages that can be derived from using these hi-tech humidifiers are as follows:

Flu and Cold Symptoms Can Be Alleviated

People suffering from cold or flu can significantly benefit from using a humidifying device. It can help them in recovering faster.

Additionally, the device can help in lubricating their nasal passage, which further allows them to breathe easily. Furthermore, the symptoms of fever and cold can get worse during the night. This is because you are lying down, and thus, you are in a compromised position. Dry and cold air can impact the process of mucus build up within the nasal cavity, especially when you are in a sleeping posture. The lack of proper drainage while lying down can build up a lot of mucus, which further goes on to exacerbate flu and cold symptoms. Machines used for increasing humidity in rooms can help in alleviating these symptoms only by adding more moisture to the air within the room.

Prevention of Dry Skin

This is probably one of the most significant benefits of using a humidifier.  Since a considerable part of the human body is made of water, excessively dry conditions might pull out the moisture leaving the skin dry. Such situations can also result in bloodshot eyes and chapped lips. The human body depends on the right quantity of water to feel good and even to function correctly. Since the human skin has a lot of surface area, it is probably the first thing that we notice when we are in excessively dry conditions. Eyes and lips also show a lot of irritation when they are not appropriately hydrated. Making use of a humidifying machine can be of good help in preventing the skin from drying out. It will add moisture in the air which will automatically improve itchy or dry skin, chapped or peeling lips along with dry eye problems.

Prevention of Nose Bleeds

Nose bleeds are the result of some irritation or disturbance of the membranes lined within the nose. Allergies, dry air, and colds are some conditions that can cause nose bleeds simply because they cause cracked skin, which calls for frequent nose blowing. The ones who experience nose bleeds during the winter months can significantly benefit from using a humidifying machine. The machine adds moisture to air within the house. This lubricates and soothes the nasal passages, which further helps in stopping or preventing the occurrence of nose bleeds. Perhaps, these machines are indeed considered one of the most important factors when it comes to avoiding nose bleeds.

Healthy Scalp and Hair

Making the effective use of a humidifying machine can also help in safeguarding the health of your hair and your scalp. Quite similar to your skin, your scalp also gets irritated and dry when the air in your home does not have moisture in proper amounts. Dry and irritated scalp means dandruff and itching. This might even take a toll on the quality and the health of your hair. Since hair is made of collagen, it requires the right amount of humidity to remain healthy. If your hair remains exposed to dry air for a very long time, it might become brittle and dry. The acceptable levels of moisture created by using a humidifying device can always be of good help when it comes to protecting your scalp and hair.

Besides offering several health advantages to its users, a humidifier also provides various benefits to your house. It can not only bring about a reduction in static electricity content of air but also improve the overall appearance of your abode.

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