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September 22, 2017

Doximity, Epic Deliver One-Touch Dialing

From smb to medical care provider, mobility is a growing trend for communications, with BYOD taking center stage. While in the enterprise business is about boosting the bottom line, doctors and nurses save lives. And with an innovative new communications solution, doctors can now communicate securely with patients at the push of a button. 

This week, Doximity announced a new partnership with Epic, the popular electronic heath record (EHR) platform. The result is an integration allowing doctors the ability to call patients while using Epic’s mobile application, Haiku.

"Our goal is to connect physicians to make them more productive and successful. By working with an industry leader in electronic health records, we can help them save time while improving patient care," said Jeff Tangney, founder and CEO of Doximity. "Together, the combination of Haiku and Dialer can make doctor-patient communication easier, and more efficient."

The new integration is HIPAA compliant, protecting sensitive information while giving doctors complete access to patient records, and offering one-touch communications with patients without displaying the doctor’s personal cell phone number. Doctors simply tap within Haiku, and via the Doximity Dialer app and the communication begins.

Doctors can choose office, hospital or clinic phone number to pop up on the patient end of the call, by way of the user friendly applications. Popularity of the Doximity Dialer is on the rise, as in the past three months more than one million calls were made with the app.

Coordinating care can pose a daunting task, but by using the Doximity Dialer doctors are able optimize the care provided – i.e. less hospital readmissions and happier, satisfied patients. 

"This integration between Epic and Doximity helps save physicians' time, has the potential to ease patient communication, and, ultimately, help improve care coordination," said Marlene May Millen, MD, chief medical information officer, ambulatory care, at UC San Diego Health. "The one-touch dialing allows me the convenience to contact my patients – and access their health care information – directly from my iPhone, whenever and wherever."

The way of the digital era is mobile. Our always-on, always plugged-in reality demands the ability to maintain communications, collaboration and productivity regardless of location. Doximity is delivering and saving lives in the process.

What sort of mobility solution do you have in place?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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