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July 17, 2017

How Medical Devices are Redefining Drug Detoxification in San Francisco

Medical devices are advancing every day. There’s always some new way to diagnose or treat health conditions. Drug and drink addiction problems are no exception. There are a number of medical devices out there that are already making their mark on drug detoxification in San Francisco.

Devices for Easing Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the purposes for medical equipment advances is easing the withdrawal symptoms of quitting to make patients as comfortable as possible during the process. One particular device is called the Bridge Auricular Stimulator. These devices use neurostiulation to help people deal with opioid withdrawal symptoms. It works by releasing electric impulses to stimulate areas of the brain to ease the problems of heroin withdrawal symptoms.

The bridge is a small device of around two inches that attaches to the ear. It directly targets the cranial nerves causing withdrawal symptoms. They are disposable units that patients will generally use for the first week or so of a detox. Patients can then move onward to medication and counselling.

Audio-Visual Brain Stimulation Devices

One of the most complicated parts of drug detoxification is maintaining a balanced psycho-emotional state, which is where audio-visual brain stimulation devices come in. These are also useful for the withdrawal process. They alter the electrical activity of the brain, stimulating or inhibiting mental processes. Think about things you see or hear that clam you down, such as the sounds of a splashing waterfall. Audio-visual brain stimulation devices basically stimulate these effects by directly interacting with the brain. The electrical activity of the brain can be used to create a relaxed state known as alpha.

The alpha state is between the frequency range of 8 and 12 Hz. This alpha state is able to subdue pathological activities in the areas of the brain drugs and alcohol affect. It creates a state of stress that eliminates anxiety. These devices help one to overcome the physical and emotional discomfort of withdrawal. These devices are superior to addiction treatment medications in that they don’t cause dependency.

Neuro Jet Therapy Devices

Neuro Jet therapy is becoming a more common choice for treating alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms. A Neuro Jet is a small portable nerve stimulator. It connects to the skin around the earlobe through a sticky patch. The Neuro Jet is able to painlessly stimulate nerves, with a computer that controls how intense and frequent these impulses are. The device comes with a small display that shows activity, stimulation levels, and a battery indicator.

Detox patients will wear these devices for 24 hours when starting out their treatment. They are able to sleep without wearing the device after a few days of treatment and then only use it if their withdrawal symptoms get bad. This is a kind of detoxification treatment that allows patients to continue living their lives as normal. Patients can do anything they want without worrying about if their withdrawal symptoms will strike or not. Neuro Jets don’t disrupt the consciousness of a person.

A truly effective detoxing process combines drugs and medical devices. At the end of the day, a detox center is there to help their patients. It doesn’t matter how many different parts make up the facility or the process; what matters is that it all benefits the person who needs help. The latest equipment, such as the medical devices discussed above, are necessary to provide the highest quality of care for patients. Having the right medical devices at hand is just as important as having the right drugs and therapy services. It all comes together to provide patients with the complete drug detox package that gets them back on their feet and helps them move forward with their lives.  

Edited by Alicia Young
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