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March 16, 2016

Jive Shows Off New Business, Healthcare Options at JiveWorld

Communication and collaboration tools geared toward the business and healthcare markets are two very hot properties right now, so it's not much of a surprise to see Jive Software going for a full-court press on these two markets. Jive has even gone so far as to bring several of these new advances to its JiveWorld16 show, where it showed new products focused on communication for marketing, healthcare professionals, and employees in general.

One of the biggest new improvements was a complete integration with communications tool Sysomos, focused on social media listening. This, joined with a new events center, served as the basis for a customer engagement tool designed to improve customer interaction. With brands better able to not only improve the engagement created by corporate events—the system allows for attendee counts, perceived engagement, and post-event reporting—but also draw in social media commentary on brands, the brand can spot where improvement is needed and work in that direction.

Meanwhile, Jive for Healthcare Collaboration is yielding benefit for the healthcare community, as the name suggests. With secure team messaging in full compliance with HIPAA principles, as well as a private support center to allow the team to intermingle and work together on answers to new questions, the healthcare version is currently leading the field. Ranked number one by Black Book Research, the system allows for voice and video connection, as well as the establishment of “quiet hours” in which the members are unreachable.

Finally, the new Employee Engagement solution brings in the corporate communications bundle, allowing for several new content publishing options as well as enhancements to mobile intranet operations. New Jive Daily updates allow for improved localization, new image collections, improvements to security and more.

Jive Software's executive vice president of engineering, Ofer Ben-David, commented “We continue to innovate employee and customer engagement experiences that are at the core of a great business – whether by connecting 30,000 employees across the world, improving collaboration amongst a small team, or creating stronger relationships with millions of prospects, customers and partners.”

By now it's almost a platitude to call communications valuable for enterprise users, because such things have been demonstrated time and again to produce better results. With an increasingly mobile workforce, communications are no longer so simple as just walking to the next cubicle. Thus, we need improved tools designed to better connect our various operations and produce results. Jive's lineup looks like it might well be that communications platform, since it covers so many different waterfronts at once and delivers value in a wide array of fields.

Value for employees, customers, and the healthcare segment separately seems to be Jive Software's stock in trade, and that kind of stock should render it valuable across a wide segment of operations, making growth likely and a dominant position in the field to follow. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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