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February 19, 2016

Cerner Introduces Collaborative Development Environment for Healthcare Apps

Cerner, a provider of health information technology (HIT) solutions, has contributed a wide range of products to the healthcare industry in order to help providers improve operations and better serve their patients. At the core of Cerner’s applications is the SMART Reference Platform, which combines a RESTful API with standards-based authorization and UI integration, and FIHR, a relatively new open healthcare data standard that is essential for building healthcare-centric apps.

As if these standards aren’t already enough help to developers, Cerner just announced the launch of the Cerner Open Developer Experience (CODE) to provide an immersive digital collaboration experience that will pave the way for next-generation, innovative application development. The SMART on FIHR platform provides a complete open standards-based technology stack that allows for simple integration of a wide range of clinical data. CODE aims to take a crowd-sourced approach to solving the healthcare industry’s most challenging needs through dynamic plug-and-play apps.

By embracing the entire developer community, Cerner hopes to reach a much broader market of potential users and place itself squarely at the forefront of game-changing development. The benefits of this process will extend far beyond Cerner and its clients to include other companies in the industry and, eventually, the public as a whole. 

“Cerner is committed to taking a leadership role to support third-party developers and help further health information technology,” said Dr. David McCallie, SVP of Medical Informatics at Cerner. “Encouraging innovators to develop apps that work across existing health records can help the industry advance the way care is delivered through improved interoperability capabilities.”

Cerner will demonstrate the capabilities of SMART on FIHR apps at the HIMSS Conference in Las Vegas, February 29 through March 4. There are reportedly fifteen apps currently in development or production that will be on display via interactive touch screens.

Any developer can join in on the action through CODE’s open sandbox, research Cerner’s extensive educational development tools or browse apps that have been created or are being created with SMART on FIHR. In line with Cerner’s vision, anybody can turn out to be the developer that discovers the next big thing in healthcare technology.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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