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February 18, 2016

Ceeable Delivers on its Vision of Remote Retinal Care

There are approximately 280 million people in the world with some form of retinal disease, 10 million glaucoma patients in the U.S., 25 million diabetics with eye issues here, and 3 million folks in the country with macular degeneration.

To make it easier for patients to get the diagnosis and treatments they need, Ceeable has introduced a visual field test that can detect, classify, and monitor degenerative eye disease simply using a connected tablet. This can enable patients to be screened for eye issues anywhere they are via this remote access solution that is mobile and web-enabled.

In an interview at ITEXPO with TMC Senior Editor Peter Bernstein, Christopher Adams, CEO of Ceeable, explained that anyone who has access to the Internet can use these tests, which are typically administered by opthomalogists and optometrists. After the data on a patient is collected, the Ceeable application uses it to make a 3D map of the retina, Adams explained, adding the solution is HIPPA compliant.

Ceeable was among the presenters at the IDEA Showcase @ITEXPO. This Shark Tank-type event featured a handful of companies, each of which had five minutes to present its value proposition to the audience and a panel of judges.

As Maurice Nagle, a TMC web editor, noted in his coverage of the IDEA Showcase @ITEXPO: Adams began development of the Ceeable solution in 2014. The solution, he added, leverages Cal Tech patented technology and prompts patients to trace areas of the tablet screen. The solution will become available soon in Central America, Mexico, and South America.

Among the other companies features in the IDEA Showcase @ITEXPO were CareNection, DreamScreen,, Rovy, ScreenMeet, SmartMart, and VoiceBase. (As an aside, I met briefly with at ITEXPO, and that company was showing a WebRTC-based PBX that it said anyone can set up in 2 minutes. It won one of the three Best Cloud Solution awards at the event.)

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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