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February 01, 2016

NHS Looks to Modern Technologies to Improve Patient Care

A report out of the United Kingdom has announced that the country’s National Health Service (NHS), the UK's publicly funded health care system, is pioneering the use of interconnected devices so that patients can have more access to care, even if they are at home.

The NHS is not alone in the pressure it faces to provide efficient self-service healthcare. American, European, Gulf State, and Chinese healthcare systems are all modernizing as quickly as they can. Emerging technology is a natural answer that could satisfy a number of objectives. Included in the list of devices that NHS England are wearable monitors, data analytics, and applications that provide ways of working which help patients stay well and monitor their conditions at home.

Advancements in technology will continue to be looked at in the business of producing advantages that might ease the cost burdens of socialized health systems. Devices using the Internet of Things have the potential to reduce the need for actual doctors by providing acceptable levels of care, information, and monitoring. Over at, a site that focuses on the well-being of UK citizens and public health, a number of uses are defined including social networking apps, online tools, virtual diabetes coaching, and other interesting ideas.

Patients in the UK healthcare system can take comfort in the fact that Internet of Things technology has tremendous potential. Once proven in this field, the technology has the capability to interface with a variety of information and interactions that can truly help collect better, more comprehensive information. Apps and mobile technologies are important tools that can help improve interactions between actual health practitioners and patients. In all, The NHS development is a fascinating look at how modern technologies can directly help improve and even extend human lives.

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