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January 18, 2016

Wanda Digital Health Platform Improves Home-Health in Illinois

Health Resource Solutions (HRS), a home health agency serving a sizable region in Illinois, recently announced that it has selected healthcare technology specialist Wanda to deploy its digital chronic disease care management platform. As a result, HRS will be able to deliver more efficient and beneficial healthcare services for people suffering from congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

"HRS is excited to start this new relationship with Wanda," said Glenn Steigbigel, CEO of HRS. "After a thorough vendor selection process, we are convinced that Wanda will help deliver the greatest value to our patients. Wanda's capabilities enhance HRS's ability to concentrate on patient-centered goals and improve patient outcomes in the most effective manner.”

Wanda’s platform bridges the gap between patients and clinical care teams through a virtual network that makes heavy use of machine learning analytics for continuous risk analysis and decision support. The digital health platform collects information about patients’ vitals and symptoms and displays it back to them while simultaneously relaying it to the healthcare team so they can respond instantly to any issues. Therefore, patients are able to take some of their care into their own hands while receiving more enhanced care from their providers, who in turn benefit from more time to spend on each patient.

“HRS has an excellent reputation for efficiently delivering very high levels of patient satisfaction and for helping patients with chronic conditions to remain at home or in lower cost care settings,” said Steve Curd, Wanda’s CEO. “Wanda is excited to support the great HRS team by delivering science-based monitoring, analytics, and decision support tools that will help HRS to improve the lives of their patients and simplify the lives of care providers.”

HRS will deploy Wanda’s platform in 2016, instantly enabling the company to continue towards its goals of providing the surrounding community with the best home-based healthcare possible. Furthermore, HRS is setting an example for other regions showing how cloud-based analytics, machine learning and other modern technologies can revolutionize patient monitoring and play a large role in supporting a healthier population.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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