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December 14, 2015

Nuance Communications Makes a Splash in the Healthcare Market

Nuance Communications is enjoying suite of industry acknowledgments this year. The company was not only named the best thing in clinical documentation improvement (CDI), but has also netted other awards as well.

The 2015 Black Book Clinical Documentation Improvement Solutions survey gave the nod to Nuance following a survey from 1,129 chief finance officers (CFOs) at hospitals, as well as other financial leaders and coding leaders as well. This honor went to Nuance for the second year running.

That wasn't the end of Nuance's parade of awards. A separate study from Black Book placed Nuance as the top vendor in several market sectors, including end-to-end coding, medical records solutions, and even speech recognition itself. Much of the award went to Nuance Clintegrity 360, which got top marks for 13 of the 18 performance categories involved in the study. These included such things as overall performance, industry recommendations, innovation, reliability, brand image, and overall support and customer care for those making purchases of the company's product.

Poor processes in coding and billing actually represent around $150 billion in losses just in 2014, as noted by Black Book Market Research, making the choice of CDI application a high-stakes proposition. With Nuance's program, users can get better information about coding processes, all in real time, to help prevent as many problems from becoming reality as possible. That means a better experience for patients, as well as faster and more complete revenue generation for healthcare providers.

Nuance Healthcare's line of solutions is currently in use by over 10,000 healthcare organizations worldwide and over 500,000 individual clinicians. That's a lot of endorsement; that many groups and individuals wouldn't be turning to these services if they weren't effective.

When a product is a back-to-back award winner, the product itself has been clearly popular for two years' time. If a marketing effort couldn't unseat it in that time, there's either no real competition or the product is top-notch. A lot of companies are happy with the Nuance connection, and it's likely to be one that provides value for healthcare firms for some time to come.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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