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December 08, 2015

CloudMine Makes Developing Native Health Apps Easy

Organizations in the healthcare space that rely on Xamarin should be pleased to hear that the CloudMine Connected Health SDK for Xamarin has been released. With this release, CloudMine will integrate their backend API into Xamarin’s native apps, enabling developers to build clients very quickly. This is because Xamarin and CloudMine together allow organizations to assemble an end-to-end mobility stack for scaling mobile development across departments, teams and projects.

CloudMine is a mobile backend as a service (mBaaS) platform designed specifically for healthcare and life science organizations. It is best known for helping sensitive industries to build mobile apps for the maintenance of security and compliance. Xamarin, meanwhile, aims to be the new standard for enterprise mobile development and quality. It enables businesses to reach all major devices—from iOS and Android to Windows—with completely native apps from a single code base.

With the need for remote care and patient monitoring on the rise—recent data from Berg Insight states there were almost five million patients worldwide under remote monitoring this year—partnerships like this will likely become a more frequent and necessary occurrence.

"Using CloudMine's Connected Health SDK, Xamarin developers will be able to tap into an ever-growing world of connected health data," said Xamarin co-founder and head of Developer Relations, Joseph Hill, regarding the CloudMine Connected Health SDK for Xamarin release. "Now, our community can more easily build high quality healthcare apps, combining our strength in native cross-platform development with CloudMine's strengths in handling sensitive patient and medical information."

By pairing CloudMine with Xamarin, developers can significantly reduce complex development challenges common in connected health applications through a combined mobile backend platform that specializes in security, compliance and high availability.

Of course, with Xamarin, developers can quickly build the front-end engagement layer across all major mobile operating systems at once. CloudMine’s Connected Health SDK, meanwhile, offers access to robust services such as the CloudMine business logic engine CodeRunner, as well as health and wearable APIs, and EHR data.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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