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December 03, 2015

Toshiba Improves Medical Equipment Reliability

Medical equipment requires significant upkeep to ensure quality care. Thus, the cost of maintaining equipment can deter healthcare facilities from purchasing a particular product. The Toshiba 360° Reliance platform seeks to eliminate those costs by automating upkeep processes. It provides a comprehensive service and system management solution to not only improve the uptime of said equipment, but to also increase productivity levels.

As one of the leading manufacturers of medical imaging technologies in the world, Toshiba is ensuring the long term functionality of its equipment with the new 360° Reliance platform. The company provides medical diagnostic imaging systems such as CT, X-ray and vascular, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and MRI systems, as well as the comprehensive medical solutions that includes information systems for medical institutions.

In addition to ensuring the equipment it manufactures function properly, the Reliance platform will also provide healthcare facilities with solutions for delivering high levels of patient care.

The system begins with 360° Connect, a customer portal that has been designed to navigate the auditing process. Administrators can access system information, track preventative maintenance, submit service requests and manage reports electronically. If there is a problem, the InTouch Center, Toshiba’s customer service network, will provide quick response to solve problems as they happen with a centralized 24-hour response.

The rest of the services address the installation and operations of Toshiba’s medical equipment. The Vitality XT solution manages the use of Toshiba CT scanners across different organizations and facilities to develop standards and safety protocols, including asset acquisition and radiation dose. With established standards in place, facilities can use the metrics to ensure they are operating within the prescribed parameters.

The Envision 360 solution is a planning system to for creating the optimal environment for the installation of Toshiba’s medical equipment. Using a customizable 3D site-planning tool, the designated space can be assessed to determine if it is suitable for the installation. This is achieved in real-time, eliminating the need for multiple visits on location, thus reducing the design time for faster deployments.

When the equipment has been installed, InnerVision Plus provides an early detection system to identify any potential problems on any imaging system day and night. Engineers and applications specialist will be notified anytime the system detects a possible malfunction so it can be properly evaluated.

With so much information being generated by the Reliance platform, making sure the data gets to Toshiba’s experts requires access to reliable networks. The DICOM/IHE Integration allows it to be part of a large network environment with high degree of compatibility to make sure the information can get to its destination. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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