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November 23, 2015

Get Real Health Enables Swedish Citizens to Access Their Health Data

Thanks to Get Real Health, Swedish citizens will have access to an electronic personal health account to actively monitor and manage their health data.

Get Real Health is partnering with Capgemini Sverige AB to offer the service to Sweden’s publicly owned eHealth agency. The new solution is called HälsaFörMig.

CapGemini will run the new service. However, Get Real Health’s two products, Connected Health base (CHBase) and InstantPHR, will provide the health data platform.

The objective of the Swedish government is to offer improved health care for its citizens by allowing them to easily access their own health data. It’s an effort to empower people to take control of their health choices.

“HälsaFörMig gives Sweden’s citizens a secure and interactive platform to gather their health information from multiple parties and connect wearable devices, supporting a greater engagement by the individual in their own personal health development,” says Eva Leach Elfgren, project manager at the Swedish eHealth Agency.

The government tapped Get Real Health to be a part of the solution because the company’s InstantPHR enjoys a proven track record as a platform for delivering health information to patients. It’s been used in other large-scale projects in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

CHBase provides a secure data storage platform that collects health information from numerous disparate sources. These include pharmacy systems, EMR, home health devices, health apps, and personal fitness devices.

Capgemini will host and manage all data provided by HälsaFörMig.

“We are elated to be working with Capgemini Sverige AB to introduce this powerful service to the citizens of Sweden,” says Get Real Health President and Founding Partner Robin Wiener. “We applaud the Swedish government for their forward-thinking and recognizing the value of offering this technology on a large scale to help further the well-being of its population.”

Leendert Venema is the CEO of Capgemini Sverige AB. He says that HälsaFörMig is a model for health care going forward.

“HälsaFörMig is a pioneering project and will be a paragon for how Swedish healthcare will be conducted in the future,” he says. “By putting the individual in the center, the individual will be able to engage in their own healthcare and store their personal information on a safe, digital platform, the first project of its kind. This will be a first step for the public sector to become a natural part of Swedish citizen’s value chain, which are used to services that are customized and provide the possibility to engage.”

Get Real Health is a Rockville, Maryland based company that develops information systems used to provide personal health records to health care organizations, non-profits, and governments around the world.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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