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November 04, 2015

Signet Accel, Predixion Software Revolutionize Big Data Healthcare Analytics

Data integration and harmonization company Signet Accel has announced a partnership with cloud-based analytics software developer Predixion Software that could revolutionize Big Data in healthcare.

Signet Accel customers will have access to Predixion Insight analytics, letting customers combine data integration with real-time analytics with Signet’s Avec platform.

“We’re bringing our respective clients the opportunity to combine the best of breed on two platforms into one solution,” said Dave Billiter, Signet Accel CEO and executive vice president, said. “With Avec, we’re focused on data integration and harmonization, and building a pristine package of dynamic data. Predixion Insight™ brings advanced analytics—and added potential—to the data we’re queuing up for clients.”

Avec lets users combine data from different databases, which is useful for Big Data projects that aggregate data, looking for trends in populations.

One of the biggest applications is in healthcare.

“Signet Accel pulls together data and integrates it into a rich repository, and from there we can build solutions in real-time with Predixion Insight that answer critical problems like predicting which patients are at risk for disease progression or whether a clinical trial is feasible,” Nish Hartman, vice president of healthcare at Predixion Software, said.

Hartman said that the move was an attempt to take advantage of both companies’ synergies.

Since different hospitals and clinical research labs use different databases with different structures, it’s a challenge to extract useful information from all the different medical records, if they’ve been digitized at all.

Signet and Predixion’s combined solution could convince doctors and researchers to make use of Big Data projects to improve healthcare outcomes. Having data integration and analytics in one place should prove useful, as users will only have to learn one platform. Clinicians are busy enough without have to learn to use two different software packages.

“By working together, we’re bringing data integration and advanced analytics, two incredibly multi-layered and difficult disciplines into one solution that supports the efforts of researchers, physicians and front-line clinicians,” Billiter said.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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