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October 27, 2015

RIMS Deploys ZH Healthcare's Cutting-Edge Healthcare Delivery

The Rural Institute of Medical Science (RIMS), in its continuing quest to improve the quality of its facilities and healthcare-providing capabilities, recently announced the selection of health IT specialist ZH Healthcare to provide a cloud-based Hospital Management System to raise RIMS’ quality of service. ZH Healthcare will deploy BlueEHSTM, the company’s Health IT as a ServiceTM (HITaaSTM) platform, for the medical college and 300-bed hospital.

“Healthcare in Kerala is the best in India and is on par with some of the developed countries in the world,” said John G. Kuruvilla, Managing Director of Specialty Hospitals Group, Pvt Ltd. “However, healthcare technology has yet to catch up. A world class cutting edge solution like BlueEHS-HITaaS will not only help RIMS but also elevate the level of technology in the state, consequently helping both patients and doctors.“

BlueEHSTM is comprised of an extensive and constantly-growing library of modules that Health IT companies can build upon and reconfigure to suit their needs, instead of having to start a project from scratch. These modules cover the major aspects of successfully running a healthcare facility such as admissions and registration, the pharmacy, medical records, a patient portal, online scheduling and a payment platform in addition to a long list of other functions.

Furthermore, ZH Healthcare has cultivated a robust health information network based on relationships with laboratories, electronic prescription networks, clearinghouses, health information exchanges, and other entities which can be leveraged for a much more straightforward and cost-efficient deployment. The solution is delivered on a completely cloud-based platform that complies with the notoriously complex regulations governing health IT.

“With the addition of the hospital modules, BlueEHS-HITaaS will become the go-to-solution for hospitals and clinics because it is robust and available at a fraction of the cost for comparable systems,” commented Shameem C. Hameed, Chairman and CEO of ZH Healthcare. “BlueEHS-HITaaS makes Healthcare IT easy and affordable which in turn will bring high-end healthcare technology to people all over the globe.”

RIMS is the latest of a growing number of healthcare operations — mostly outpatient facilities — to benefit from the simplicity and core functionality offered by BlueEHS-HITaaS, which has now been put to use in more than 65 countries. The advantages of building upon a cloud-based platform could not be more apparent than with this solution, which will play a large role in expanding first-world levels of quality healthcare to those who need it most. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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