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October 05, 2015

HealthStream Announces Echo to Streamline Healthcare Credentialing

HealthStream has announced a new subsidiary, Echo Inc., to provide credentialing, provider enrollment and contact center solutions for the healthcare industry. The new company is the result of HealthStream’s acquisitions of HealthLine Systems and SyMed Development.

“Today is an exciting day for our clients, employees, and our ‘Plugged into Echo’ partners. Building on the successes of our predecessor companies, Echo’s solutions are playing a crucial role as hospitals seek to transform manual, error-prone activities into scalable, paperless processes that comply with regulations and optimize outcomes,” said Echo president Michael J. Sousa. “Moreover, I am excited about our emerging innovations, which I believe will shorten credentialing and enrollment timelines, boost care quality, fuel admissions, and bolster patient and provider satisfaction.”

Echo is initially offering five solutions for healthcare organizations:

 EchoCredentialing manages staff credentialing and privileging, making sure providers are authorized to perform certain procedures.

EchoOneApp is a payer credentialing application that provides automatic form population with over 3,200 payer templates, as well as integration with AQH, CMS PECOS, and state-based payer enrollment system.

EchoAccess is a solution geared toward hospital contact centers, supporting physician referral, clinical triage, provider directories, class enrollment and discharge planning.

Echo Analytics tracks a number of metrics, including licensing, exclusion and sanctions. It also uses provider scorecards including OPPE/FPPE, CMS Open Payments, CAHPS, and social media ratings in a dashboard.

EchoOnboarding also includes an intuitive dashboard to help providers monitor the onboarding process.

Echo has partnered with other companies as part of its “Plugged into Echo” network, including Valence Health, Binary Fountain, Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content and Madaket Helath.

“At HealthStream, it has always been our goal to support healthcare organizations in surrounding the patient with the best developed workforce,” said Robert A. Frist, Jr., CEO of Echo’s parent company, HealthStream. “We view provider credentialing and its related processes as a baseline, critical gateway to patient safety and quality care. Our innovative approach represents, I believe, an exciting future for hospitals and providers as we advance technology to use data intelligently, streamline processes, and create a powerful eco-system of capabilities.”

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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