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August 28, 2015

Kainos Evolve Launches Mobile-Enabled Healthcare Platform

The healthcare industry has been implementing a wide range of technologies to simplify the delivery of medical services. Because of the many different systems and regulatory bodies, the adoption process has been extremely slow, but there is progress. And it has resulted in increased efficiencies that have delivered better care and lower costs along with unprecedented transparency.

Kainos, a group that specializes in the development of digital technology solutions, announced a new platform that helps healthcare organizations provide better care using mobile applications on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch.

The Mobile-Enabled Healthcare solution will give healthcare providers and caretakers secure access to patient information, regardless of location. It is delivered through Kainos Evolve, the company’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform.

Evolve was designed to automate the creation, capture and handling of medical case notes and operational documents and records to deliver better patient safety and quality of care.

The new platform allows the storage, access, process and sharing of patient information securely. Developed exclusively for iOS and Apple Watch, it supports the integration of other clinical systems using healthcare interoperability standards.

It is available on-premises, hosted or in the cloud to address the needs of different healthcare markets, including large hospitals, community and emergency care providers and others.

Evolve is a proprietary software product developed by Kainos in partnership with medical practitioners and hospital managers for the digitization, storage and workflow of patient records.

It provides:

  • Electronic Document Management – with secure, audited storage and management of patient documentation.
  • Smart indexing of legacy content – to avoid “information overload”, helping your clinicians focus on the most important patient information.
  • Electronic forms and workflow – to help customers move toward paperless working through replacement of paper-based information capture and information routing. 
  • Evolve for iPad – provides access to accurate, up-to-date information at the point of care, regardless of where that care setting may be, or available connectivity options. 
  • Evolve ePCR for Ambulance Care – enables emergency responder teams to capture accurate incident and patient information using an Electronic Patient Care Record via Evolve for iPad. 
  • Graphical Timeline – a comprehensive overview of the entire patient record quickly, allowing clinicians to focus on what they deem most important.
  • Electronic Discharge – gathers and transmits accurate, consistent and timely clinical information to GPs at the point of patient discharge.

"We are delighted to announce this new platform which will help deliver better healthcare outcomes at a lower cost.  This is an important step for Evolve towards realizing our vision to make healthcare delivery easier through technology, and we are pleased to be working with Apple at this time," said Brendan Mooney, Chief Executive Officer of Kainos.

According to a report from BCC Research, by 2018 the mHealth market is predicted to reach $21.5 billion. Healthcare organizations that are integrating mobility solutions into their operations will have better access to the growing number of consumers using this technology. The Kainos Evolve Mobile-Enabled Healthcare platform simplifies the process, so even small practices can get aboard. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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