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July 20, 2015

TriCore, Sunquest Form Partnership to Improve Data Analytics for Population Health Management

Even though the U.S. has the largest healthcare spend in the world, there are a lot of gaps in the delivery of care which leaves many people without adequate or any coverage at all. The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has filled some of those gaps, but it has also mandated the industry to adopt a value-based model, which is turning providers to population health management in order to identify those very same gaps. This will require using new technologies to gather and analyze the massive amount of data being generated in the medical field.

A new strategic partnership between TriCore Reference Laboratories and Sunquest Information Systems, will develop state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory software to support population health, precision medicine and integrated pathology.

In order to improve healthcare delivery with diagnostic optimization and patient engagement, TriCore said Sunquest was a necessary partner. Together they will develop new technologies for improved data analytics in connected multi-organizational ecosystems. The new co-developed solutions will be used in one of TriCore's reference laboratories, which will serve as a center of innovation for commercial-grade diagnostic methodologies, operations and technology.

The Sunquest business intelligence solution provides real-time data analysis to maximize the performance and efficiency of lab operations. Along with the company’s diagnostic intelligence, clinicians will be able to track real-time workflow in the laboratory in a digital dashboard to view key metrics for maximum efficiency.

Sunquest Laboratory suite is designed to make labs more efficient by delivering quality healthcare and optimize workflows to save time and resources, as well as maximizing the capacity of the laboratory information system (LIS). 

The move to population health management requires diagnostic data analytics to offer prospective and predictive information to improve community health.

“Medical laboratories drive more than 80 percent of clinical decisions, and now, with Sunquest we can truly shape how medicine is delivered,” said Khosrow, R. Shotorbani, MT-ASCP, president and chief executive officer, TriCore Reference Laboratories.

The healthcare industry has been implementing a range of information and communications technologies to cut costs and introduce improved levels of efficiency. While the process is ongoing, it requires more cooperation from all the players in the industry. The strategic partnership between TriCore Reference Laboratories and Sunquest Information Systems is a step in the right direction, but more public and private organizations have to take the same steps to see noticeable changes. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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