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June 08, 2015

Pegasystems Announces Upgrade to Pega Customer Service for Healthcare Application

Pegasystems is looking to strengthen its standing in the software world when it comes to working with enterprise level firms. One move the company made in order to accomplish this is to announce enhancements to the Pega Customer Service for Healthcare application. Included in the update is a new Clinical Interaction Manager. This particular feature is the first in the market that brings customer service and care management that gives health organizations a full, 360-degree view of customer interactions. This allows the companies using this particular solution to better serve the customers while also improving health outcomes and reducing costs across the board.

The Pega Customer Service for Healthcare application is able to connect front-line service agents and back-office care management staff under one umbrella. This application gives call center staff the ability to work quickly and efficiently with administrative and care management teams.

This means customer service representatives are able to answer questions from customers more quickly and accurately while cutting down on costs from the time spent using other solutions that are less efficient. Pegasystems clearly believes that an integrated approach is far more effective than continuing to have administrative and call center agents working one after the other. By allowing better communication the two departments can work in tandem.

“An integrated approach to customer service and care management eliminates internal complexities, improves customer experience, and more quickly delivers personalized and relevant services for consumers." Susan Taylor, Vice President, Global Healthcare Business Line Leader at Pegasystems said in a recent statement announcing the upgrade to the company’s offerings.

Most impressively, The Pega Customer Service program allows for deployment on premises or through the cloud. The framework platform, Pega 7 is one that can deploy changes eight times faster than using the more traditional Java based applications. This is another way in which Pegasystems is serving its customers quickly and efficiently.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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