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May 13, 2015

LabStyle Rolls Out eShop for Dario Diabetes Management Solution

LabStyle Innovations has officially launched an eShop for its Dario Diabetes Management Solution. For now exclusively serving the Israeli market, the eShop provides a centralized channel through which customers can easily purchase the Dario Smart meter and various accessories.

“As more and more emphasis is being placed on the need for improving patient compliance and self-management, it is important that people are able to find a comprehensive management solution so easily online to help them thrive while living with diabetes,” said Erez Raphael, President and CEO of LabStyle. “The Dario smart meter delivers just what patients are looking for in an intuitive and easy to use tech-driven solution. We look forward to capturing what we believe is an immense opportunity for Dario in developing this online direct sales approach in the other targeted markets.”

The all-in-one Smart meter is at the core of the Dario Diabetes Management Solution is comprised of a glucose meter, disposable test strip cartridge and lancing device. The meter can easily fit in a user’s pocket, plugs straight into a mobile device and can complete the entire blood glucose metering process in less than six seconds. An associated Dario app automatically synchronizes with data from the meter and provides users with a full suite of data management tools right on their smartphone. The app offers users quick statistical snapshots as well as deeper insights into their blood glucose levels and other indicative results by searching for recognizable trends. A logbook centralizes all the recorded data that serves as the core of the app including blood glucose, carbs and insulin, physical activity and user-defined tags and notes.

This data is synchronized on the cloud and accessible from any device for quick access to vital health information. Furthermore, the app includes actionable alerts and reminders to enhance situation awareness and help prevent missed treatment duties. An extensive Dario user community provides a way for patients to connect, share knowledge and boost each others’ motivation. Finally, a meal logging and tracking tool provides a way for users to effectively manage their diet; fully localized food menus and calculations ensure traveling users are given accurate information.

LabStyle’s eShop platform is a distribution channel for the Dario meter and also serves as a comprehensive support and knowledge base in order to help users get up and running with the product. Because the company is still seeking reimbursement status in Israel, the Dario meter is not currently covered under insurance policies and must be purchased out of pocket. LabStyle plans to fix this issue in the near future and focus on expanding to other markets around the world, assuming the Dario solution is successful.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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