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April 14, 2015

PerfectServe Synchrony Could Bring New Levels of Communication to Healthcare

The communication technology available in today’s marketplace has removed the complexities of information flow by integrating many different products and services into comprehensive platforms. In the healthcare industry, where timely and efficient communication is absolutely essential, legacy systems have been responsible for impeding workflow, which has resulted in limiting the full potential of healthcare providers. A great example of this is the clinical communication processes that take multiple steps just to get in touch with physicians. A new solution introduced by PerfectServe, provider of health care’s only comprehensive and secure communications and collaboration platform, looks to facilitate the timely interaction between physicians, nurses and other care team members across the continuum.

PerfectServe Synchrony is an advanced communications and collaboration platform capable of delivering instant access to the right resources to coordinate care and immediately address patient needs throughout an organization. With healthcare professionals working at many different facilities as well as their own private practice, knowing where they are at all times and bringing together the entire patient care team as quickly as possible is a big differentiator.

Synchrony is able to identify and get in touch with the right patient care team member whenever a particular patient needs urgent care. This will eliminate the clinical communication challenges organizations face with existing platforms. In the past, time-consuming calls, callbacks and secondhand messages resulted in endless wait time before physicians were contacted. This platform has multiple modes of communication, including secure texting, email, voice mails and mobile applications for video and photo sharing.

It takes advantage of current mobile technology with a new app for physicians, nurses and other members of the team with tools for remote consults (including secure video) that can bring in the patient in the communication stream.

Some of the features and benefits PerfectServe Synchrony will provide include:

  • Automatically identifies and provides immediate access to the right care team members,   
  • Eliminates time wasted due to searching, waiting and repeated call attempts,
  • Reduces patient care delays,
  • Customized routing based on workgroup protocols, including role, call schedule and individual preferences            ,
  • Allows users to create personal algorithms based on where, when and how they work,
  • Delivers pertinent information by the preferred contact method, and
  • Allows care team members to execute schedule changes in real time via smartphone or web.

According to the company, MemorialCare Health System in Southern California will be its anchor client, which will help in further developing this technology with new capabilities as well as being the first to launch PerfectServe Synchrony later this year. This will be a great test bed for the technology, because MemorialCare has more than 200 care sites, and bringing all of these facilities and its employees under one communications system will prove the effectiveness of the platform.

As Scott Joslyn, Chief Information Officer of MemorialCare Health System, said “having one holistic communications platform across our highly integrated health care system helps us connect all members of the patient care team quickly, regardless of location.”

The company is going to make PerfectServe Synchrony for acute care nurses and other care team members available for pre-release in the third quarter of 2015, with general availability by the end of the year.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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