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April 13, 2015

Qualcomm Unveils New HealthyCircles Mobile Application

The insurance and health care field might not always come to mind when talking about the newest tech advancements, but there is little doubt the field is embracing new technology more every day. In particular, the mobile platform is increasingly becoming a place where health care companies and companies that deal in the health care market are looking. That notion was underlined late last week when Qualcomm announced it was unveiling the HealthyCircles Mobile application.

The application is both an extension of Qualcomm’s healthcare tech subsidiary Qualcomm Life and that firm’s HealthyCircles Care Coordination Platform. The platform allows for personalized care, patient activation and behavior modification for chronic care patients. The mobile application leaps into a field in the larger health care tech field that is growing quite quickly.

"HealthyCircles Mobile is an adaptive, personalized mobile care experience for patients who need it the most: people with chronic conditions and those transitioning from hospital to the home," James Mault, MD F.A.C.S., vice president and chief medical officer, Qualcomm Life, Inc. said in a recent statement. "Our goal is to provide a frictionless platform that will guide healthy behaviors and motivate patients to engage in their own self-care."

The chronic care sector is one that is being mined these days because there are so many different angles that can be approached. Mobile applications allow for users to track, monitor and communicate about their conditions but even smaller applications like Gemalto’s next-gen pill dispensers represent technology that is being embraced by the business world as well as consumers.

The HealthyCircles Mobile application is designed to reach as many customers as possible, thanks in large part to being able to operate on either Android or iOS. The application allows access to vital health statistics, while also giving the ability to have secure communications with a care team. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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