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April 10, 2015

European Hospitals Going Green Helps CPTP Market Grow

In the business and tech worlds, there are a number of different ways in which companies are trying to become more “green.” Sometimes this means a firm will do something like adopt videoconferencing as a way to cut down on travel and therefore cut down on carbon emissions. Sometimes the move to go green is a lot less grandiose while still being both a cost saving measure as well as environmentally friendly. To this aim, a number of European hospitals have announced that they are going to move to  single-use reusable procedure trays and packs. This will limit the amount of waste put out by the hospitals and therefore help the companies go green.

There are a number of different factors that are leading to this move. Hospitals in Western and Eastern Europe are treating aging patients who tend to develop chronic wounds that affect their general health and mobility; such patients have been largely responsible for the growth in procedures and expansion of the CPTP market.

Industry analyst Frost & Sullivan recently reported that Western and Eastern Custom Procedure Trays and Packs market earned revenues of more than $769 million in 2014. The growth of the market is going to be quite expansive and will grow by more than $400 million. "In Western and Eastern Europe, single-use CPTP have particularly gained traction due to the stricter enforcement of infection-control measures within the hospital environment," said Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Senior Research Analyst Parthasarathy Raghava in a recent statement. "For hospitals in these regions, these kits have been a natural choice as they ensure both compliance with safety standards and control over nosocomial and iatrogenic infections in the OR."

The analyst says that the greening of the OR is going to see reusable and reprocessable kits rather than single use kits. This will lead to not only the CPTP market growing, but companies that deal with reprocessing and serialization services will also see growing success.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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