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March 30, 2015

Google and J&J Partnering on New Operating Room Robotics

When it comes to bringing robotics into the home healthcare world, there have already been a number of companies taking different steps. Google’s next step in this technology’s evolution is to work with Johnson & Johnson to bring robotics into the operating room in a bigger way than ever before. The search giant is working with the long-time medical supplies company to develop robots that will be of real help to surgeons during delicate operations.

This particular partnership announcement is new enough that neither company is willing to divulge much information. Financial terms especially weren’t disclosed but J&J said the deal will likely be fully closed in the second quarter once it has been reviewed by anti-trust authorities. Among the solutions Google has been considering working on is something called machine-vision as well as image analysis software. These solutions are geared towards helping surgeons see better in the operating room. They would also be getting real time information easier that is relevant to the operation they are doing.

While Google and J&J would like to eventually apply these types of technology advancements to major surgeries, the focus for now will be what are known as “minimally-invasive” surgery. These surgeries use tools and other tech in order to reduce scarring, blood loss, pain and reduce recovery times. Surgeons are already using technological advances in order to control certain tools that aid in getting them right to the spot of the body they need to access.

It stands to reason that Google and J&J are going to be taking it a bit slow at first. There are plenty of people who are worried about this kind of technology being breached, either by those just looking to cause chaos, or those looking to cause actual harm. Still, Google truly entering into this field could hint at big things to come in the very near future.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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