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February 05, 2015

MEDHOST's YourCareUniverse Looks to Help Hospitals Make a Customer-Focused Switch

Healthcare has changed quite a bit, even over just the last few years, and not just in the obvious ways like Obamacare and the like. Technology has also brought in its share of new developments, and given rise to a variety of new systems geared toward providing more and better care to more users. One recent change to the healthcare system as we know it is an increased focus on the customer, and MEDHOST looked to help hospitals make the migration to the customer with its newly-released YourCareUniverse system.

YourCareUniverse is a suite of tools designed to work together. First, there's the Guidance Interaction system, designed to offer support to patients interacting with the healthcare facility in question. Second, there's the Staff Empowerment tool, geared toward—much as the name implies—giving healthcare facility staff more tools to work with in a standard day. Finally, there's the Cloud Platform, which allows the system to be brought into play comparatively inexpensively, and comparatively rapidly.

MEDHOST is already well-known in the field for offering up cloud-based patient engagement solutions, and YourCareUniverse will do little to tarnish that reputation. MEDHOST's work reportedly covers 330 different healthcare facilities representing a combined total of over six million patients sharing data in the patient portal, and YourCareUniverse is actually just a part of a much larger whole. Already, some solutions have been released that will give YourCareUniverse even more power in the marketplace, featuring developments like YourCareHealth. Designed to work with the Guidance Interaction section of YourCareUniverse, YourCareHealth offers access to personal health records (PHR) systems, which helps make it easier for patients and caregivers alike to see what needs to be done in terms of healthcare efforts. Other tools, like YourCareProvider and YourCareReferral, help healthcare facility staff provide better overall service for users.

YourCareUniverse Inc President Lionel Tehini, meanwhile, offered up comment on the new tools, saying “As a platform for engaging patients, consumers and the entire community, YourCareUniverse represents a dramatic evolution in the healthcare ecosystem, while maintaining the healthcare consumer as the central focal point. YourCareUniverse delivers robust features through an integrated solution that enables healthcare facilities to transform their power to influence, engage and manage the patients and consumer community they serve. As healthcare moves towards a value-based landscape and the consumer becomes more informed and accountable, YourCareUniverse drives transformational change by enabling facilities to execute critical strategies and build patient loyalty and trust.”

It's true that the landscape is changing, with new technologies providing advantages that weren't previously on hand—just ask the little girl whose life was saved by a 3D-printed model of her heart—and as such, the methods of providing services need to likewise change accordingly. It's not just about the devices, though; things like big data technology are helping us pin down what could be going on with a patient at this moment by getting a better handle on what's been going on with said patient all along. As some doctors end up leaving healthcare altogether over billing issues, so too are others discovering great new opportunity by having certain technologies on hand. Telemedicine is a big example of this, and that's shaking up a lot of what medicine actually is. While YourCareUniverse may not be the magic bullet tool that improves healthcare as we know it, it's likely to go a long way toward making it better.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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