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December 19, 2014

SmartMatch Technology Makes Finding Healthcare Clinicians Easy

While there's been more than a little debate of late about the overall state of the economy, with some believing that hiring is taking off and others pointing out that the gains are mostly in certain sectors alone, for the healthcare market, hiring still seems to be brisk. As such, it can be difficult to find just the right people for the job, and that's where StaffDNA's Candidate SmartMatch system comes into play.

With SmartMatch, healthcare facilities can get access to a substantial pool of active job seekers in both full-time and part-time positions, allowing for a much easier method to find the best in clinicians to augment current staffing levels or staff new facilities. After registering with StaffDNA, facilities can use a self-service dashboard where said facilities can spell out just what is desired from a potential hire, and then see how those job-seekers currently in the system match up against those desired traits.

There are two different ways to evaluate a potential hire in the system: there are leads, which contain simpler information points like most recent contact information, overall preferences on employment, and the date the person can start. There are also profiles, which are more in-depth and include resumes, skills checklists, and documentation about credentials and compliance that may be needed. Plus, StaffDNA can even offer up a Candidate Blueprint Index, as it's known, which allows for details on location and job type preferences of candidates offered on a monthly basis.

Those interested in the program, meanwhile, pay on what amounts to a “pay-as-you-go” basis, which requires users to pay for the leads and profiles received. That's a particularly useful trait for healthcare operations on a budget, as the search can go as far as resources allow, keeping the expenses manageable.

When a system can be as flexible as StaffDNA's system is, and yet still offer up plenty of information on available candidates in the field, it's clear that it should prove a winner for a great many operations. Turnover is an inevitable part of business operations; no one really stays in the same place forever, and budget cuts often come along to require some trimming be done in the short term that may not always last, so being able to find the next big hire readily is a valuable resource. This is especially true for the healthcare system, where lives are on the line and the best people are needed to help safeguard those lives. Seeing healthcare technology put so readily to work to help find those individuals, meanwhile, is a powerful idea, and getting the right people in the right places is a reasonable priority for most any industry.

Candidate SmartMatch may not make every hire the best move ever, but it will likely go a long way toward making sure that the best people are on hand. When a tool can condense a job search and make it more effective for healthcare facilities—and hopefully for the available clinicians as well—it's a good situation all around, one that's likely to pay dividends of reduced turnover and improved customer experience in the future.


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