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November 04, 2014

Centene's Start Smart for Your Baby Wins Children's Health Award

Centene Corporation, a national leader in the healthcare field, has announced that its Start Smart For Your Baby Texting Program was awarded the Children’s Health Award by the Medicaid Health Plans of America. Centene works with the government to produce programs and services focused on helping underinsured and uninsured individuals.

Start Smart For Your Baby  provides pregnant mothers and their case managers educational information to support a healthy pregnancy and a healthy first year of life. It offers a range of different services including care management techniques to reduce risk of pregnancy complications, education materials and incentives for attending prenatal, postpartum and well child visits.

The Start Smart For Your Baby Texting Program is a component of this care management program. The objective of this program is to enhance maternal and infant health by providing resources and reminders to members during their pregnancy, and continues six months after birth. It provides timely health information and strives to encourage breastfeeding.

Dr. Amy Poole-Yaeger, Vice President Medical Affairs for Centene expressed her excitement surrounding the award, "We are honored to be recognized by MHPA for the Start Smart For Your Baby Texting Program." Poole-Yaeger continued, "Our team strives to continue delivering innovative programs for our members to make healthy decisions for themselves and their family."

The program has almost 22,000 members enrolled. In comparison to those not in the program, members who received Start Smart For Your Baby text messages had higher rates of breast feeding, ongoing prenatal care and had improved timeliness of prenatal care.  The program is continuing to work toward providing expecting and new mothers important education information to support overall well-being.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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