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November 03, 2014

Better Alarm Management from Extension Healthcare

As healthcare advances continue to be made and new technologies save lives, there is also a need to manage these new systems and solutions so that everyone involved can continue to work efficiently and effectively.

Just like with new technologies in an office setting, the automation and effectiveness are only great if everyone involved gets the benefit.

One major way healthcare is being evolved today is with the ability to monitor patient health and well-being remotely. This is done with medical devices connected to a monitoring system. But what happens when there is a medical emergency or alarm single sent, and a nurse or clinician on the other side isn’t able to access the information in time?

To help manage this need, clinical solutions teams are used to provide support and help ensure operations continue to run efficiently.

To help with this, Extension Healthcare said it is expending and will add 10 specialists with backgrounds in nursing and other specialties to their team. These specialists will play a key role in helping hospitals with their alarm management and caregiver communications needs so overall satisfaction for staff and patients can be achieved.

The company’s Extension Engage is an enterprise alarm management middleware to assist specifically with management of alarms from regulated devices like ventilators and non-regulated systems like EHR, nurse call, and more.

“One drawback with many health IT solutions in use today is that they interrupt clinical workflows and introduce more problems than they solve,” said Mary Jahrsdoerfer, CNO at Extension Healthcare. “Clinical alerting solutions solve real problems, but lacking a comprehensive strategy when introduced into the communications workflow, they can quickly become a nuisance for nurses and other care team members.”

Beyond just assisting with the management of alerts, the company also offers advanced event response that focuses on helping with what follows after an alarm notification is delivered. Event response in the form of secure patient centric text messages and delivering workflows and data from various sources helps save time and helps deliver more accurate care. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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