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October 23, 2014

UBIC Brings Big Data Analysis to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies conduct research on a wide range of health conditions to come up with the therapy that will improve the lives of millions of people around the world. The process is both expensive and time-consuming, with time to market taking many years. From the time a company decides to address a particular medical condition to creating the medication to treat it, massive amounts of data is produced by the organization.

In the past, sifting through all of the data was one of the most time-consuming aspects of the whole process, but the advent of big data analytics now makes it much easier to sort through the data. A company known for its international litigation support and big data analysis services, UBIC, has announced it is expanding into the pharmaceutical field with a new AI-based technology for analyzing pharmaceutical clinical trial data.

The company is going to be using a software program it developed internally called the Virtual Data Scientist, an AI-based platform to comprehensively analyze a wide range of structured and unstructured data. With this software pharmaceutical companies will be able to improve the efficiency of measuring and analyzing the observations they make when conducting clinical trials in the development of new therapies.

According to the company, pharmaceutical companies will be able to improve their R&D methodology by analyzing the data they create while at the same time accelerating related R&D initiatives.

Prior to entering the pharmaceutical field the company used its technology to analyze large volumes of unstructured data for discovery related technologies in the fields of international litigation support and digital forensics. This same technology is going to be used to streamline the analysis of clinical trial data to resolve the diagnostic results given by clinicians regarding the variations in the effectiveness of the medication being tested.

The company has appointed Masahiro Takeuchi, a professor of biostatistics and pharmaceutical medicine at Kitasato University, for the possible exploration of medical and pharmaceutical applications of its technology as well as technical improvements for implementing it in the medical field.

The UBIC behavior informatics laboratories house the company’s R&D activities in big data analysis and AI technologies based on behavior informatics. Using information sciences such as statistics and IT along with behavioral sciences including criminology, psychology, sociology and others, behavioral informatics views big data as an accumulation of patterns of human thinking and behaviors to discover human truths from large amounts of data. 

Edited by Alisen Downey
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