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October 20, 2014

PlushCare Delivers Same-Day Medical Care Online

During a time of medical emergency, individuals can call an ambulance or go to a hospital and receive care, but there are times when you need to see a doctor right away - even though it is not a real emergency. With doctor appointments taking an average of two weeks or more, a quick visit to the doctor’s office is becoming a rare occurrence. A new solution called PlushCare is now making it possible for patients to receive quality virtual care online across California and the United States by connecting Stanford and UCSF educated doctors with same-day and ongoing appointments at affordable price points.

Doctors across the country are more frustrated than ever regarding many of the regulations that are in place that greatly limit their ability to practice their profession as freely as possible. As the trend of direct to consumer healthcare continues to increase and disrupt the medical industry, it is creating more innovations like PlushCare which provides a convenient treatment option for patients around the country without the ever increasing costs of traditional methods of delivery.

The PlushCare platform is designed to build a long-term relationship between the patients it serves and its physicians using personal computers or smart mobile devices online.

Key differentiators of the company’s platform include:

  • A $45 flat rate per same day virtual visit, over the phone or video chat which includes diagnosis, treatment, and prescription as necessary as well as follow up treatment and advice
  • Individual medical information stored in PlushCare's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) so it can be shared electronically with patients or other healthcare providers
  • Instant transmission of electronic prescriptions to local pharmacies
  • Integration with the leading laboratories
  • Seamless referrals to specialists when necessary

It is important to note this platform is designed to provide access to highly qualified physicians for common maladies and not serious health conditions. By providing access to proper diagnosis treatment and medical prescription on the same day for conditions such as sore throat, sinus infection, urinary tract infection, rash, nausea or vomiting, and sexually transmitted diseases, patients will be able to carry on with their busy lives without having to leave their home and disrupt their daily routine just to see a doctor.

“Existing telehealth offerings focus on one-time transactions, and once the doctor signs off the relationship ends -- but we have changed that,” said Ryan McQuaid, Co-founder and CEO of PlushCare. “Our world-class doctors build the long-term relationships which we are all accustomed to, but with enhanced accessibility through our seamless platform. PlushCare doctors will quarterback your health from start to finish. The virtual examination is just the start of the relationship and we will guide patients every step of the way.”

PlushCare will start offering services in California before it rolls out across the United States.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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