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October 16, 2014

Validic's mHealth Interoperability Technology Receives Best Practices Award

Today, mHealth brings a new vision for healthcare. Planners and implementers find that mobile electronic health tools such as health apps (which already help people stay healthy) are rapidly transforming the face and context of care service delivery around the world.

A vision for anywhere, everywhere healthcare is what mHealth is all about; it describes the use of mobile devices to improve health care. By allowing mobile devices to be connected to a hospital network, for example, an end user can capture and exchange information, or gather patient data to share with medical professionals.

Convenient and quick access to healthcare patient data from a variety of devices and applications with one simple connection is the purpose of using digital health strategies today. Health care can be transformed by wireless technology. The innovation is outpacing legacy infrastructures as staff users can call upon their mobile tools both inside and outside the hospitals, without the need for designated computer platforms and facilities.

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is an organization focused on better health through information technology (IT) Its regulatory practices and guidlines affect mHealth in regards to the generation, aggregation, and dissemination of health information via mobile and wireless devices. HIMSS called for a new regulatory health IT framework to complement the existing one to improve quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of care delivery, in accordance with evolving functionality. For HIMSS, mHealth along with health IT is believed will completely transform healthcare—for the better.

Recently, Frost & Sullivan completed a mobile health industry report recognizing various public-private efforts but selecting Validic as the winner of the 2014 Best Practices Global Healthcare Information Interoperability Customer Value Leadership Award. According to the report, Validic clearly stood out as generating the best value in the market for healthcare interoperability solutions.

Validic Co-founder and CEO Ryan Beckland stated, "[the company is] truly honored to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan, who is a global industry leader in analyzing markets, industry trends and best practices.” He added that the Best Practices Award reinforces their solid results in digital health data interoperability.

Frost & Sullivan commends Beckland and his team for its technological innovation of a strategic product development. They stated Validic’s mHealth interoperability platform will play an integral part in transforming the progressing healthcare IT environment to deliver convenient, easy access to digital health data.

“[Validic’s  mHealth Interoperability Technology Platform] is a unique technological solution with a quick deployment time of a few hours, and is 90 percent cheaper than a healthcare company trying to build a comparable mHealth solution internally.”

As Frost & Sullivan note, the Validic mHealth interoperability solution, is a platform that is cloud-based for maximum availability and ease of access from any devices and place. The technology connects developers of digital health application to medical devices and healthcare organizations, including medical providers, pharmaceutical companies, and wellness companies. Basically, it connects all players in the healthcare arena. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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