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October 13, 2014

ManyWho and CuraService Partner to Aid Norwegian Dementia Patients

Wandering dementia patients are particularly vulnerable in the rugged terrain and chilly climate of Norway. But one organization is setting out to help the caregivers of these patients with a GPS wristband that tracks location and alerts a call center if the patient leaves a pre-defined safe area.

The technology is the brainchild of CuraService, a Norwegian company that offers tracking and localization services. To aid caregivers, CuraService has developed CuraGuard, a platform for managing information from Internet of Things (IoT) devices used in the care sector, which may include GPS devices, smoke alarms, door sensors, fridge sensors and other items.

CuraService has partnered with ManyWho to develop applications that will streamline the workflow processes for CuraService’s partners and clients, which include telecom companies, alarm providers, local authority organizations and nonprofits. The overall goal of this particular project is to prevent unwanted wandering from dementia patients. CuraService estimates 20-30 dementia patients die each year in Norway because they leave their safe environment.

"CuraService needed a solution which could respond quickly to our expanding demands,” explained Lars Ole Mathisen, CEO of CuraService AS. ”Our call center operation is growing rapidly and in as little as nine months we anticipate the center handling up to 100,000 calls a year.”

According to the companies, the first phase of the project will involve ManyWho providing a front-end to the CuraService Salesforce instance in the call center, allowing call handling representatives to work within the existing workflow by providing a workflow layer over and above the existing architecture.

The second phase will require the roll-out of additional functionality. The ManyWho platform reportedly will enable the sending of SMS messages and the provision of mobile apps to the patient's relatives and caregivers.

“With our growing network of partners, access to the underlying database is crucial to appropriately facilitate our standardized workflow processes,” Mathisen continued. “It is essential that we build robust applications now. ManyWho is the enabler to help us achieve that."

The companies report the service will reduce tax-payers' cost burden as well as providing a safe and more considerate response to those that can often present a significant danger to themselves through no fault of their own.

According to CuraService, CuraGuard is cloud-based and designed for collaboration between municipal staff, dependents and any NGOs that may have a role in the care of the elderly.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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