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October 06, 2014

Weight Watchers Revamps App to Work Better with iOS 8

Since the launch of iOS 8 for Apple mobile devices, there has been any number of different companies trying to get in on the excitement. It turns out Weight Watchers is no exception. The popular weight loss company hasn’t had a mobile application out on the market all that long, but now the company is embracing mobile wholeheartedly.

Weight Watchers announced some new features and a new look to go along with iOS 8.  Among the features is the ability of the new app to sync up with HealthKit, making it a much more expansive experience for users of the iPhone. The other big new feature is that a user’s tracking can now be done from the main updates dashboard. This means users will no longer have to open up the app in order to see where they stand when it comes to daily point and exercise totals.

This is especially important for Weight Watchers users because they don’t log specific calories spent or added, but points from certain foods and activities. Being able to see what they have left at a glance could come in handy for iOS users while also becoming an effective selling point for the weight loss company.

There have been all kinds of features announced and shown off for the iOS 8 but the ability to use HealthKit was delayed a bit. The Cupertino-based company found there was a glitch with the way the apps communicated with HealthKit. It took about a week for Apple to revamp iOS 8 so it could be used with HealthKit and companies have been lining up ever since in order to take advantage of the new solution.

"When our team learned about iOS 8 and HealthKit, we were eager and determined to be among the first to use the new capabilities to improve our digital tools, " said Dan Crowe, Chief Technology Officer at Weight Watchers International in a recent statement.

As HealthKit is around longer and users see what the solution can really do, it stands to reason more and more applications will be looking to take advantage of this in order to keep an accounting of their lifestyles.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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