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October 02, 2014

New Mobile App from Catavolt Promises to Improve Patient Care and Engagement

This Tuesday, Catavolt Inc. announced the release of a new healthcare mobile app platform that assists communication between healthcare providers and patients. Catavolt's enterprise application mobility platform is used in a variety of companies in a wide array of fields, but this healthcare app is particularly geared towards serving up patient information in real time. This allows critical patient data (including allergies and other medical conditions) to be immediately provided to doctors and nursing staff to provide better care and engagement for the patient.

In addition to giving healthcare providers instant access to clinical information, Caravolt's patented platform is designed to share information across multiple devices. This gives doctors just as much access to a patient's medical records with their desktop computer as they have with their on-premises tablet device, or even with the doctor's personal smartphone. Of course, this medical information is heavily protected by Catavolt's HIPAA-compliant security features, which utilize a “no data at rest” policy on the platform that keep saved data tucked away safely.

“Mobility has significant potential to impact the patient experience across the continuum of care,” claims Catavolt CEO George Mashini. “Catavolt's platform breaks down the silos that prevent collaboration, both across systems and organizations. By facilitating secure real time communication and digitizing the patient care experience we are driving improvement in outcomes and in operational excellence.”

The mobile platform now means that doctors can, upon meeting a patient for the first time, have complete real time access to patient records that include treatment plans, and diagnostic information that helps them make meaningful decisions for the patient's health. Secure collaboration protocols in the platform's security features also make this information easy to share among caregivers, providers and more.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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