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October 02, 2014

New Jawbone Up Application Syncs with HealthKit

With the release of iOS 8, and now the apparent fix Apple has issued so people can actually use the new HealthKit package, it seems likely more and more companies are going to be releasing applications that work with HealthKit. Jawbone has had one of the better fitness trackers on the market for a little while now. The Up24 was made specifically to sync with an iPhone application wirelessly. Now Jawbone has released a new Up application that doesn’t need the tracker, and syncs up with the HealthKit application as well as other fitness tracking software.

The application, which was launched last week, might confuse some users, because Jawbone still uses an app that needs a tracker in order to work. This new application is more catchall application that works hand in hand with more than a hundred different applications and their dedicated trackers.

This new application is dedicated to tracking all kinds of different aspects of your healthy lifestyle, including the number of steps you take as well as how much sleep you get. This application works quite a bit like the other Up application does with the Jawbone fitness tracker. That means that once you have entered enough data into the application through normal, everyday use it will give you all kinds of tips on healthier living.

The application is also trying to be more of a social tool for your fitness life by offering up sharing features. It seems like there are still a couple of bugs when it comes to syncing with other applications. The company had apparently said it would work with the Nest tracker but Jawbone is now saying the application won’t work with that particular service.

Still when it comes to wearable tech, there seem to be a number of trackers that will be able to sync with this new application. The fact that you’re also able to sync this up with HealthKit is a bonus.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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