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October 02, 2014

'Physicians Practice' Goes Digital with Free Apple Tablet App

The critically-acclaimed Physicians Practice series of medical reference and management resources for medical professionals has updated to the age of mobile Internet. For the first time, the latest issue of Physicians Practice is available on the publication's new free tablet application, available from Apple's App Store. This release on tablet devices is part of the ongoing industry trend of medical care switching to an Electronic Health Record (EHR) format. While efficient, these medical record systems can appear quite intimidating, and the new issue's distribution on a tablet platform is likely aimed at getting physicians more used to using tablets and navigating information with them.

EHR systems help doctors and other medical professionals quickly and easily access patient data to more efficiently treat patients. By having access to that information directly on a tablet, doctors can give patients personal treatment based on their previous conditions and/or allergies faster than ever. By having patients in-and-out of medical centers faster, the hospital is able to give better healthcare to more people.

Apple has also recently been in the spotlight of the healthcare industry, which could be why Physicians Practice chose to only release the app for iOS products. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus both include a powerful health app that track's a user's rate of exercise and healthy habits. If compatible with iOS hospital management software, doctors could easily have access to this wealth of patient information – and use it to correctly diagnose ailments more readily.

Physicians Practice has provided both practical and business advice for the medical community for almost 25 years, and this new app is only the next step for the company for continued usefulness and relevance. Interoperability between multiple platforms will ensure that Physicians Practice will continue to play a vital role in advising healthcare professionals in all facets of duty.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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