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September 25, 2014

ZynxCarebook to Improve Care Team Collaboration on Mobile Platforms

The ability to communicate accurately and clearly is important for any business, but in the healthcare industry, it is more relevant because of the grave consequences of having the wrong information. The introduction of mobile technology has introduced new levels of efficiency in communication, but if these devices are not implemented properly they can prove to be just as dangerous as other communications solutions. Zynx Health, provider of evidence- and experience-based clinical improvement solutions, announced the availability of ZynxCarebook, a mobile platform designed to improve care team collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem.

Although healthcare professionals in hospitals appear to be working by themselves, the process is a collaborative effort in which specialists across different fields consult with each other in order to deliver the best therapy available for patients. The ZynxCarebook solution improves the collaborative process by putting the best evidence in the hands of clinicians when it is needed most.

This platform delivers communications within the patient specific context, so when a doctor receives a message it eliminates the need to search for relevancy of each message, allowing them to take the appropriate action quickly.

Team members that are working in a particular case can receive real-time information through a "virtual huddle" regardless of the care setting across the continuum seamlessly without having to worry about security issues or compliances.

“In essence, we are not only enabling clinicians to connect in real time as a cohesive team, but also empowering them to take the actions to improve care,” says Siva Subramanian, PhD, senior vice president of mobile products at Zynx Health and the creator of ZynxCarebook.

The ZynxCarebook solution connects inpatient and aftercare providers using mobile devices over a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant Mobile Care Navigation Network to: create cross-continuum patient-centered care teams to; message instantly and securely within the patient’s context; coordinate evidence-based care across settings; incorporate risk-based interventions such as Project RED, Project BOOST, and Care Transitions Intervention; achieve success in ACO, bundled payment, value-based purchasing; and partnership for patients programs.

The secure context messaging ZynxCarebook provides is HIPAA-compliant, which has been specifically designed for healthcare by integrating with Active Directory to authenticate all users and encrypting patient data in transit and at rest.

Team members also have access to patient diagnosis, discharge plans, and other clinical information. When they communicate the message the exchange about a particular patient is in the context of this patient's information. Additionally the platform has a role-based system that clearly identifies each team member and notifies the group of any changes in the care team. All the messages that have been exchanged in the patient’s context from the time of admission can be accessed to provide a comprehensive view of what has taken place throughout the entire continuum.

Although the ZynxCarebook platform is currently being used in healthcare settings, one can see how this technology can be applied in other industries with heavy collaboration between teams across disparate locations and organizations.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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