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September 24, 2014

InpharmD Provides Fast and Accurate Health Information

InpharmD is a new healthcare service that aims to give providers and patients easier access to comprehensive health information so they can make better decisions. As an application and website, InpharmD answers clinical questions on demand with customized responses backed up by substantial evidence.

Developed by Professor Ashish Advani, Pharm.D. at Mercer University’s College of Pharmacy, the service allows a user to type in any medical question and receive an answer within a short time period consisting of information collated from accurate resources. The company website boasts that the service draws from over 20,000 scientific journals, more than 20 million scientific articles and several other resources. Notable sources include MedlinePlus, National Guidelines Clearinghouse, DailyMed, and Drugs@FDA.

“Currently such a service is not commercially available,” said Dr. Advani. “Existing drug information websites and apps do not offer customized drug information, and existing drug information centers that provide customized information do not presently offer a website and mobile app as a means of communication. With this endeavor, we aim to promote the exchange of drug information in a way that has never been done before.”

The service will officially be unveiled today at the Health 2.0 Fall Conference in Silicon Valley. Inpharmd is an entrant in Health 2.0’s Launch! competition, which features live demonstrations from 10 promising healthcare technology startups before a live audience. The audience will then select a favorite, and that company will have the opportunity to demonstrate on the main stage at next year’s conference. Dr. Advani is representing himself at the competition.

InpharmD calls to attention the importance of modern technology, especially mobile, in the healthcare industry. With devices capable of transmitting such vast quantities of information, it is only logical that providers and patients alike can take advantage of access to a wealth of collected resources and make better informed decisions.

Although the service is still in its infancy, health care providers can currently register for a three-month trial by requesting an invitation from InpharmD’s website.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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