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September 22, 2014

University Hospital of the Reunion Island Adopts Cloud-based Communications Solution

Reunion Island is an overseas department of France, and it is part of the ‘Eurozone’ despite being located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. As one of the 27 regions of France it is an integral part of the Republic, enjoying the same status as countries that are situated on the mainland of Europe.  The University Hospital of the Reunion Island is one of the more established organizations in the island, providing first word healthcare to its residents. In order to improve its patient care, the hospital announced it will deploy Mitel cloud-based communications services throughout the organization.

Mitel, provider of global business communications, is going to deliver its cloud-based communications solution so the hospital can deliver faster diagnosis, treatments and improve patient services. The company will also be upgrading the legacy system that is in place by simplifying and lowering the cost of the day-to-day delivery of voice and data services.

The facility has multiple locations dispersed throughout the island at 10 different sites comprised of hospitals, retirement homes and psychiatric centers with a staff of 6,000 employees.

According to Mitel, the deployment of the private cloud solution is currently underway and it will go live by the end of this year with a wide range of communications products and services. The MiVoice A5000 platform will deliver in-room telephones and DECT/Wi-Fi handsets to enable mobility for hospital personnel and desktop video conferencing.

Healthcare professionals will be able to use touchscreen tablets to access patient medical records and deliver prescriptions by sending the data to on-site pharmacies while consulting with the patient in their hospital room. The staff at the hospital will also be able to use videoconferencing handsets across all of the facilities to discuss cases and speed the diagnosis and treatment cycle for patients.

The MiVoice platform is designed to deliver unified communications (UC) solutions that are simple to manage and deploy while enhancing business and employee productivity that fit within existing infrastructures. The platform addresses both small businesses and large enterprises with a flexible and future proof solution that provides extensive communication features and support for a wide range of devices and applications.

 “Delivering a single communications solution using Mitel will simplify and streamline discussions between healthcare professionals at the Hospital. Also, adopting cloud-based communications means the advanced technological solution satisfies both current and future requirements,” said Anne Marchal of University Hospital on Reunion Island.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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