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September 19, 2014

Silvercloud Health and Wiley form Partnership to Deliver Therapeutic Programs Online

According to the World Health Organization, mental illness is responsible for more disability than any other group of illness in developed countries, including cancer and heart disease. A fact sheet published on the CDC’s website reveals 25 percent of all U.S. adults have a mental illness, and close to 50 percent of adults will develop at least one form of mental illness during their lifetime. The biggest problem for individuals that suffer from psychological disorders is many are not diagnosed, and more often than not, by the time they get help they are in the advanced stages of the condition they suffer from.

A new collaboration between SilverCloud Health, a global provider of online behavioral and wellness solutions, and Wiley, provider of education, medical and psychological information for professionals, patients, researchers and students, announced a strategic partnership to provide online therapeutic solutions.

Under the new partnership, SilverCloud Health will use its cloud-based technology platform to deliver the range of comprehensive therapeutic programs that will be created across behavioral health and long-term chronic disease management.

The first conditions the new program will address include Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Diabetes, conditions that affect more than 40 million people in the United States on a daily basis alone; it will be released in 2015.

 “The integration of behavioral health and physical chronic disease management remains a complex process for clinicians and patients, and SilverCloud recognizes the need to provide tailored programs across multiple condition areas. The global acknowledgement of Wiley’s high quality and efficacious content makes them an ideal content partner for SilverCloud Health,” said Ken Cahill, SilverCloud Health’s CEO.

As the pre-eminent provider of evidence-based psychological and wellness content around the world, Wiley is going to provide its vast global knowledge base along with solutions for online program management services to this partnership. The organization chose SilverCloud Health to expand their digital strategy across the healthcare industry because of its proven online technology and existing successful partnership with other organizations throughout the world in the healthcare market.

The SilverCloud Health online solutions are available through healthcare providers, healthcare companies and public and private organizations. The range of solutions it provides are designed to deliver engaging, personal, supportive, social and interactive experience for the user, and according to the company, it fits easily into provider care paths, and extend service reach by six-fold while maintaining the standard of care associated with face-to-face therapies.

“We continue to execute our digital strategy by developing partnerships that will offer long-term high-value solutions to professional communities using our expert content. Our partnership with SilverCloud Health will facilitate those dealing with behavioral health challenges and physical chronic diseases management, such as diabetes, to have easy access to expert resources to help them manage their conditions,” said Joan O’Neil, VP and Managing Director of Knowledge Services at Wiley.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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