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September 16, 2014

MedLok Launches Multi-Factor Authentication Solution to Protect Health Records

While the move toward electronic health records has certainly improved patient care, as medical providers now have easier access to patient histories and can better communicate with one another, it has unfortunately presented a security risk. MedLok aims to eliminate this problem with its new multi-factor authentication and data storage solution for the healthcare industry.

The cloud-based solution encrypts user data, then fragments and disperses it across 12 locations around the world. It safeguards sensitive data and records by requiring medical staff to use a self-service physical PassKey or mobile token in order to gain network access, rather than providing a username and password.

Users of MedLok's solution connects either the physical PassKey token to the USB port, NFC reader or the mobile token through Bluetooth technology or Wi-Fi. Through the use of a single PassKey, healthcare staff and administrators can access private networks, Web portals, email and applications.

The physical token and mobile solution doesn't contain any personal data, and the technology is so secure that even MedLock can't access any of the information.

"MedLok has completely changed the way user information is protected and stored, ensuring medical institutions and their patients never have to worry about hackers getting their hands on private files and information," Steven Grant, vice president of operations for MedLok, said in a statement.

The secure solution from MedLock comes at a time when the healthcare industry is experiencing costly medical record breaches.

It has been reported that 30 million patient health records have been compromised in HIPPA breaches since 2009, with the average healthcare breach costing $359 per lost record. In a press release, Grant pointed out that this cost is two and a half times greater than the average data breach in all other industries.

Hopefully MedLok's newly launched solution will turn around this situation and give the health industry and patients peace of mind knowing that their private information is safe.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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