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September 10, 2014

CareConnectors and VRI Collaborate to Improve Mobile Health App Development

Consumer electronics manufacturers are introducing a wide range of products allowing individuals to take more control of their health. While more hardware is entering the marketplace, such as the new iWatch that was introduced yesterday, developers are looking for frameworks that will allow them to integrate the full capability of these devices to provide better solutions. CareConnectors and VRI have come together with a mobile application framework for developers that will unify, validate, monitor data sharing and exchange interface for home to telehealth monitoring.

CareConnectors, provider of healthcare data exchange for patients, providers, developers and enterprises, is going to provide its PatientGraph Platform plus related SDKs and APIs in combination with VRI’s secure and proven delivery system to give developers Protected Health Information ("PHI"). According to the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA) of 1996 healthcare data must be transported, stored and managed according to the regulatory compliances of the law.

Any organization that fails to comply with the HIPAA regulations is subject to heavy fines and possible imprisonment depending on the violation. With this new framework developers will be able to transport, share and exchange validated home monitoring health data (PHI) in a secure HIPAA platform with health providers.

The PatientGraph Platform simplifies the complicated systems of the nearly 1,000 different medical record systems that are being used in the United States. The platform makes this possible with three different components:

  • Bi-directional PatientGraph Connectors – which enable secure communication between medical record keeping systems and third-party applications, services and devices.
  • Public PatientGraph APIs – allows developers, enterprises and providers to meet the healthcare data exchange requirements so it can be adapted to each PatientGraph customer without customization to the target medical record keeping system as configured by each healthcare provider or system.
  • PatientGraph SDKs –provides rapid prototyping, testing and the ability to trial healthcare devices, applications and services with an OS and service specific SDKs for developers, enterprises and providers.

 “Instead of mobile application developers trying to integrate with over 1,000 different EMRs and 1000s of different home telehealth monitoring hardware devices, VRI and CareConnectors are providing a unified, quality checked, data exchange interface that lets application developers focus on their products instead of becoming home monitoring data integrators or telehealth device porting engineers,” said Dr. Sanjay Patil, founder and CEO of CareConnectors.

This new alliance will also give developers access VRI’s nurses to ensure the data being shared with healthcare providers is of high quality.

The VRI monitoring solutions include: monitored medication dispensers, fall monitors, cellular solutions, Digi Pal (a medical alert unit that is compatible to VoIP/cable TV telephone systems), and vitals monitoring. The company serves around 110,000 active clients across the United States with support services for patient self-management that allows seniors, the chronically ill, and those with disabilities to maintain their independence.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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