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August 19, 2014

Grady Memorial Hospital Introduces Advanced Patient Monitoring from CareView

In hospitals around the world, patient care is not exactly as optimal as it should be. In a world with cameras and display technologies that render us capable of carefully monitoring patients, many hospitals are far behind what we should expect to be the norm in public and private healthcare. It's not completely the fault of hospitals, though. The demands of HIPAA regulations make it difficult for healthcare facilities to legally implement technologies that would otherwise work well in any other business setting.

Fortunately, many technologies are coming into the fray that have placed a special emphasis on HIPAA compliance in their development phase. One such developer, called CareView, just finished shaking hands with Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation for a three-year contract in their facility in Atlanta, GA. Grady Health Center is a renowned teaching hospital in the Southern United States that has one of the busiest trauma centers in the area.

“At CareView, we are committed to helping hospitals effectively use our monitoring technology to better serve patients, reduce sitter costs, and create the safest environment possible,” said Steven Johnson, CareView's CEO. “We believe our products and services provide cost-effective solutions to enhance safety while preserving the hospital's human and financial resources. We are confident that our CareView System services will help patients have a more comfortable and safe hospital stay.”

CareView's solution, known as CareView System, is a hardware/software package that monitors a hospital bed directly. It also ensures that patients don't fall out of their beds by using a special sensor by each rail known as the “virtual bed rail”. The system will detect patients getting out of their beds and will notify nurses.

Perhaps one of the most useful benefits to a hospital by using CareView are reduced costs and never having to worry about changes to the regulatory regime governing patient monitoring systems. Since CareView updates itself to match with whatever a legislator's pen writes, hospitals need not worry about how the regulation will affect their current patient monitoring techniques.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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