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August 11, 2014

Care Cloud Integrates Iron Bridge Integration's Pub Hub

The integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) in healthcare has allowed healthcare professionals to use the large amount of information they create every day more effectively. In the past going through health records and medical billing required additional staff in order to access the information and make it available. With electronic health records (EHR), medical billing software and services, practitioners can access the information on their tablet and send the data immediately to the appropriate organizations. A new partnership formed by CareCloud and Iron Bridge Integration will improve this process by helping physicians with state-based clinical reporting.

CareCloud, the leading provider of cloud-based practice management, announced the partnership with Iron Bridge Integration (IBI), provider of cloud-based solutions that simplifies the complex exchange of data between EHR software providers, as well as a variety of entities including public health agencies, to help leverage IBI's Pub Hub, a public health clearing house.

With this platform, CareCloud is going to be able to provide customers using its CareCloud EHR and CareCloud Charts to report clinical data to state registries. By making this process available electronically, physicians will be able to focus more on providing better care to their patients. They will now be able to submit public health information on a wide range of subjects including immunization, syndromic surveillance, cancer cases and electronic reportable labs.

"Partnering with IBI will allow our clients from across the United States to securely submit various clinical information, assisting with their state public health reporting requirements. CareCloud continues to expand its platform and partner with best-of-breed companies like IBI, that will enable our clients to harness the power of their cloud-based registry network,” said John Walsh, CareCloud’s CTO.

Delivered as a flexible platform-as-a-service, Pub Hub allows medical practices of all sizes to dramatically lower their capital expenditure and costly hardware and software licenses that have now become part of client-server EHRs. Under this agreement, CareCloud will integrate with IBI’s Pub Hub platform so its clients can use the cloud-based EHR to leverage Pub Hub’s prebuilt connections to all states with active electronic connections.

"We are excited to join with CareCloud as they look to expand their platform and allow their growing provider base access to our cloud-based registry reporting capabilities. This will allow CareCloud clients to more seamlessly integrate and adhere with state-based reporting requirements," said IBI CEO and co-founder, Brad Meyers. 

Edited by Adam Brandt
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