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July 31, 2014

Tazca Connects and TIP to Deploy 4G LTE-as-a-Service for Rural Telehealth

Rural regions around the world generally have infrastructure that doesn't support technology readily available in urban settings. To some degree it not as bad in developed countries, but rural communities in developing countries are very much behind compared to cities. With so much potential for delivering many services that can dramatically change the lives of the people in these areas using information and communications technology (ICT), organizations are looking for alternative delivery methods. TeleHealth International Partnership (TIP) wants to connect these regions around the world to provide an integrated worldwide system of care infrastructure. To make that possible it has partnered with Tazca Connects, provider of 4G LTE-as-a-Service with the lowest CAPEX and OPEX.

The goal of TIP is to use its team of telehealth experts to connect a system on a global scale with a care infrastructure that addresses the healthcare challenges countries around the world face. The organization has a clinically dynamic protocol system designed to help in the deployment and workflow of specific telehealth platforms for consumers, healthcare systems and providers. The hybrid IT ecosystem delivers a holistic telehealth experience by evaluating, planning, piloting, beta testing, SaaS hosting, clinical research, implementing, training and supporting each deployment.

That is where Tazca comes in with its 4G LTE-as-a-Service. Operators will be able to deploy carrier grade broadband without hardware and software infrastructure. The company provides broadband connectivity across a wide range of global communities powered by the LTE software platform from Lemko Corporation. Using a virtualized and distributed EPC and IMS core, Lemko provides quick deployments of 2G, 3G and 4G LTE cellular systems. The solutions are available in multiple form factors that can be deployed with carriers, enterprises, governments, and military private network operators with macro network, small cell, enterprise access point, On-Demand Cellular (ODC), M2M, cellular on wheels (COWs), and  man-portable.

"The turnkey services will enable rural communities to connect to their local healthcare ecosystems to better coordinate and deliver the full spectrum of services providing efficient, cost effective, high quality healthcare to hundreds of thousands globally," said Matt Jansen, TIP Chief Development Officer.

According to Tazca, two out of every three people in the world lack Internet connectivity. While the technology is there to make it available to a wider audience, it does require governments that are willing to deploy the basic infrastructure so its citizens can take advantage of the many benefits the Internet provides.

"The footprint of our two companies expands to every continent and has recently led to great strides in providing cost effective services in China, Macedonia, Honduras, Guatemala, Zambia, Somalia, Nigeria, Canada and the United States," said Michael Sisto, VP of Sales at Tazca Connects.

Edited by Adam Brandt
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