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July 16, 2014

Bassett Healthcare Network Makes Their Healthcare More Spiffy with Phytel

Until recently, one of the most common ways to pay for healthcare services was through a fee-for-service model, in which doctors would be paid based on how many treatments were used. This obviously created some less-than-ideal incentives that played into a disadvantage for the patient, and a major pay raise for whoever would stuff said patient with the most pills.

Enter the rise of the value-based model, in which certain targets are placed, and doctors are paid according to how effectively they reach their goals. Under this system, the patient's health becomes an utmost priority, and the livelihood of the doctor directly depends on how alive the patient is by the end of the treatment phase.

Bassett Heathcare Network, finding itself within the top 100 integrated health networks, has decided that its title wasn't quite enough. Instead of going home with a medal and calling it a day, Bassett Healthcare Network decided to deploy a hefty platform from Phytel that will help it manage its patient population more effectively and transition into a value-based system.

Frank Panzarella, VP of operations for Bassett Medical Group, said this about Phytel: “Phytel makes it easy for us to manage our high volume of patients by exception. Its automated processes allow us to stratify our entire patient population so we can engage patients who are the most at-risk and partner with them in better managing their health. Not just the sickest patients now, but also those who are trending toward that group. By automating this work we are able to help more patients while enabling staff to focus on care delivery, both of which are critical in an outcomes-focused organization such as ours.”

Adoption of Phytel's healthcare population management platform will allow Bassett to maintain compliance while more effectively performing tasks like identifying patients who are lagging in their care and find out who's at risk of having an acute health crisis. The system will automatically follow through with actionable work to get patients what they need.

In the big scheme of things, Bassett Healthcare Network may have just gained an edge on other health providers because of this move.

Edited by Adam Brandt
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