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July 10, 2014

iPatientCare Updates the miGlass Wearable EHR App Platform

The wearable market presents many opportunities and challenges as companies look to address many different sectors that can benefit by using this technology. The healthcare industry is particularly keen on implementing wearables on both the consumer and service provider side of the market. The combination of monitoring and communication technology available to the industry makes it possible to deliver many services to patients without the need to travel to healthcare facilities, saving time and money for both parties. One company that has been in the forefront of integrating the latest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in healthcare is iPatientCare; this includes wearables.

The company announced the update of the miGlasss, the first wearable EHR App for the Google Glass, by adding options healthcare professionals will be able to exploit in their day-to-day activities by addressing the new demands a connected working environment presents.

According to iPatientCare, its goal was to give care givers the ability to interact with their patients by accessing the right information whenever they need it to deliver better care.

The new version extends functionality available on the iPad, Android and web to Google Glass. This gives physicians and other practitioners access to patient information while in mid-care, without having to go to their desktop computers, laptops, or tablets to retrieve it. Whether it is X-Rays or MRIs, physicians will now be able to see what they need in real-time.

"We constantly work to explore how doctors can achieve better access to the right information at the right time so they can focus on providing better care to the patients. Physicians are looking for ways to spending quality time with patients rather than spending it on bureaucratic tasks such as entering data into a computer. The ease of use on both ends, namely, the Glass and the EHR, makes the difference,"said Kedar Mehta, CTO, iPatientCare.

The company provides a suite of healthcare solutions including Electronic Health/Medical Record and integrated Practice Management/Billing System, Patient Portal/PHR, Health Information Exchange (HIE), and mobile point-of-care solutions for both ambulatory and acute/sub-acute market segments. As the platform continues to evolve, virtually everything a physician needs will be available on their Google Glass.

The technology available on the miGlass includes:

  • Web browser based EHR and PM System
  • Microsoft .net Technology
  • Services Oriented Architecture
  • HL7 CCD and ASTM CCR for Interoperability
  • HL7 Integration with leading Lab
  • Information Systems
  • SureScripts/RxHUB Certified ePrescribing
  • Reporting & Analytics using Cognos and Business Objects
  • Available on iPhone and iPad

The miGlass app can also be used by patients to provide medication reminders, appointments, alerts, and patient education. Engaging patients with a device they have with them at all times means they will be less likely to make mistakes with their medication, or miss any other kind of therapy, by delivering real-time information.

"Medication Adherence and other health behaviors are often the hardest thing for healthcare providers to influence. Being committed to improved outcomes via constant innovation iPatientCare enhances the miGlass App for Google Glass to engage patients in a real-time conversation about their medications which results in positive behavioral change and significantly improved medication adherence and level of patient engagement," said Shripal Shah, Senior Technology, iPatientCare. 

Want to learn more about the latest in wearable technology? Be sure to attend Wearable Tech Expo, July 23 & 24 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.  Stay in touch with everything happening at the event -- follow us on Twitter.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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