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June 23, 2014

Tely Labs Services Helping the TeleHealth Movement

Modern day innovation has brought amazing technologies into people’s lives making things a little more convenient.  Take the visit to the doctor’s office for example; with new developing services such as Telehealth, your visit to the doctor’s office can be a Skype call away.  The way we communicate has seen a dramatic change as a result of the connective lifestyle we currently live in. 

Telehealth uses a variety of communication technologies to provide health care related services to people.   Internet, telephone and video communications are utilized to bring convenience to patients seeking medical attention.  Doctors can remotely monitor vital signs of patients from a different room, or from across the country.  And visits to the doctor’s office can now be done through online video stream.  Telehealth also allows people to provide their medical records online, so doctors can easily access this vital information when needed. 

With the incorporation of new communication technologies, health care services are now becoming more accessible and convenient.  More healthcare providers are utilizing services that involve a form of telemedicine, specifically video communications.  According to a report from GlobalData, the telehealth and telemedicine market is predicted to see an annual growth rate of 14 percent through 2018. 

Tely Labs is a company that manufactures video-conferencing systems, a service appealing to the telehealth trend.  Tely Labs uses services such as Skype, Polycom, and others to connect one on one calls or conference calls.  Apply this to hospitals, doctors offices, or other health care clinics, Tely Labs allows for a more flexible and convenient experience for patients.

Mobile devices are now in the spotlight when it comes to health applications.  Mobile applications, such as Apple’s (News - Alert) HealthKit, and Google Fit are encouraging users to record their healthy lifestyles.  The exchange of health information from app to app is also an important feature specific to Apple’s HealthKit. 

This opens up opportunities to connect people to their doctors or other health care services, using video communications.  Tely Labs services are compatible with competing health application providers with telyShare.  According to Tely Labs, “Tely Labs works with multiple solutions via telyShare content sharing now, so that aggregated health data can be shared securely in real-time along with live video and audio communications.” 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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