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June 05, 2014

InfinityQS: Doing Well and Doing Good

If someone on the street asks, “How are you?” the grammatically correct answer would be, “I’m doing well,” as opposed to, “I’m doing good.” But in the case of InfinityQS and its recent million-dollar donation to St. Jude’s Hospital, the answer could be true both ways.

Global manufacturing intelligence group InfinityQS has recently fulfilled a $1 million pledge to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. In 2009, InfinityQS committed to fulfill this donation within ten years; however, based on the rapid success of the campaign, its philanthropic efforts were accelerated to fit in a five-year schedule. The money will be donated to the treatment and research of childhood cancer and other deadly diseases, and serve to assuage hospital bills for families of patients.

The donation isn’t InfinityQS’s first association with St. Jude’s; the two have worked together successfully before. In 2013, InfinityQS was named the recipient of St. Jude’s Cardinal Stritch Donor of the Year Award, which recognizes a donor whose character reflects that of Cardinal Samuel Stritch, an inspirational figure to St. Jude’s founder Danny Thomas. What’s more, InfinityQS has participated in St. Jude’s Memphis Marathon Weekend fundraisers in years past. In response to this most recent donation, St. Jude’s has named its international virology lab of Richard J. Webby, PhD, in honor of InfinityQS.

Michael Lyle, president and CEO of InfinityQS, said in a statement, “At InfinityQS, we approach success with a commitment to do well while doing good. The fulfillment of our $1-million donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital represents that mission, and we are incredibly proud that our philanthropic efforts have contributed to an organization that does such critical work to prevent and cure deadly diseases in children."

InfinityQS is both performing well and doing good for the community—an impressive balance that deserves to be commended.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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