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May 23, 2014

PDI Adds to Its 'Medical Bag' with Veeva Network's Database

Today customers communicate using many different channels, and each platform presents a great opportunity for organizations to gather valuable data. This is especially true in healthcare because the information customers provide can be used towards research and improving a wide range of applications. But first the information has to be gathered and run through powerful customer analytics in order to mine the data for value. PDI, Inc., a healthcare commercialization company providing insight-driven integrated multichannel message delivery, has announced it is going to be using Veeva Network's customer master solution to deliver data management suite for the pharmaceutical and life science industry.

The company is looking to expand its propriety healthcare professional platform, The Medical Bag, to deliver strong customer analytics solutions. Healthcare professionals will be able to expand their relationships with sales representatives and organizations through compliant digital communication using the company's PD One Rep App.

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Veeva Network will provide its cloud software and reference data, and by combining their resources, they are going to be able to manage complex sets of data to deliver result-oriented multichannel sales and marketing programs. With this collaboration PDI looks to:

  • Leverage Veeva Network's database of more than 10 million validated healthcare entities for sales force and marketing
  • Increase sales team productivity and call precision based on richer analytics for faster responses to client requests while improving reporting capabilities
  • Improve information flow to healthcare professionals by integrating highly accurate and detailed healthcare information
  • Manage proprietary data from multiple sources within firewalled or segregated boundaries to ensure privacy

"By combining Veeva Network with The Medical Bag's 400,000-member HCP subscriber base, we fuel a powerful data and analytics engine that enables our clients to achieve superior results. This announcement represents one more way in which PDI continues to innovate incredibly important tools that drive new business solutions for customers,” said Nancy Lurker, CEO of PDI.

All of Veeva's products are cloud-based, eliminating the need to have on premises infrastructure and the headaches that come along with it. The company delivers functional applications with the latest innovations to execute commercial operations for breakthrough usability. This lets life sciences companies go to market with faster product launches, content distribution, and international expansions by exploiting all available data. The cloud environment delivers commercial agility and responsiveness while supporting continuous innovation.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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