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April 28, 2014

EHR from iPatientCare Expands Specialty Focus for Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

Access to relevant information about any subject improves how individuals, businesses, governments and other organizations relate to one another. The more information someone has available about a particular subject, the more they're able to provide effective solutions to pressing problems. The healthcare industry is particularly dependent on the latest information regarding treatments, medications, procedures and research. One technology that makes this data readily available is electronic health record (EHR).

A new iPatientCare Chiropractic and Physical Therapy EHR solution was launched to address the specific needs of these two disciplines. According to the company's president and CEO Udayan Mandavia, “It will provide image based hot spots, rating scales, and patient questionnaires which may further be customized to each individual provider.”

This customization allows chiropractors and physical therapists to document every aspect of the patient/caregiver interaction from beginning to end. What this does is improve the way the healthcare professional delivers care. Every course of action will be evidence-based care, which aids in making the correct decisions and eliminating errors that can have potentially tragic consequences.

The iPatientCare questionnaire, which is a recognized solution for assessing patients’ response to many different points of care, also provides valuable data to track changes and identify positive or negative developments. The questionnaire is available with the iPatientCare Outcomes Assessment templates, and according to John Bartley, MD, Chief Medical Director of the company, it takes less than one minute every month for the data of each patient to be analyzed using the evidence-based Functional Assessments or Rating Scale Forms.

“We believe, most Chiropractic professionals and Physical Therapist have very little support in terms of intuitive data entry features that save their time and effort for effective clinical documentation. iPatientCare’s Chiropractic and Physical Therapy EHR provides image based hot spots, rating scales, and patient questionnaires which may further be customized to each individual providers,” said Mandavia.

Another feature that is particularly useful for chiropractors and physical therapists is the Image Hot Spots. This customizable feature allows users to identify spots by clicking on a particular location so text can be entered easily and quickly to provide accurate documentation.

The overall benefit of this platform is to enable chiropractors and physical therapists to become more patient centric and to improve the quality of care they provide. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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